Eberron in Houston

A tough decision for freedom

Greggorin and Samael negotiate with Vandar to escape the situation they’re in. He agrees to help them, and to attempt to save the House Jorasco halflings in exchange for Savrin.

The group, believing they have no other choice make the hard choice and agree. Vandar pulls out a sending stone and begins to communicate with someone on the other end. Meanwhile the trio deal with the beast left by the mindflayer on the boat. Although it possessed a few magical tricks up its sleeve the group was able to take it down. Savrin refuses to go with Vandar, but Vandar reminds them of the dangers that reside inside Savrins mind and that sometimes people have to do harsh things for the protection of the greater good and the two subdue Savrin.

Vandar then spills a bag of powder into the ocean near the breached hull and within moments thousands of zebra clams hungrily rise to the surface and while they feast on the food they stick to the sides of the ship, so many that the wholes are filled with them preventing the ship from taking on anymore water.

Vandar then teleports Sammael and Greggorin to the train-station in Sharn.

The group gets themselves cleaned up and then head to check their mail. No messages from Lady Elaydren, but Sammael receives one from Prince Oargev asking him once again to head to New Cyre this time due to concerns about the Warforged attacks on outposts. Greggorin receives a message unaddressed stating that he knows what happened on the bridge and that he believes he can help. A location in Dura is given in the letter.

Greggorin looks for the location and after asking for directions looks like he’s hit a literal dead end. Then as he turns around see’s a very large man blocking his path. The man is built like a wall with some obvious orgre traits. He interrogates Greggorin as to his intentions and after a bit a young teenage human emerges from behind him. The teenagers face is marked with an angry red aberrant mark in the shape of a sword.

The teenager introduces himself as Jacuzzi Splot and ,along with Nice Holystone, tells the story of The War of the Mark and how even now it continues on in secret. “The two people from House Deneith possess an ability to sense aberrant marks. Anyone with a non aberrant mark can have this ability, but House Deneith members are known to have more people with the ability than other houses. Those that they find with the mark often times just disappear, never to be seen again.”

Jacuzzi asks Greggorin to join him in recruiting other people with aberrant marks. Only by joining together can they put a stop to this secret war.

Greggorin refuses the offer stating he has other business he must attend to, but does say if he see’s anyone he’ll let them know.

Teary eyed Jacuzzi thanks Greggorin and hopes that he’ll return to join his group.



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