Eberron in Houston

Breaking Ithsharubs control and The Jorasco Shipwreck

The group wracks their brains over how they might break Ithsharubs magic. Samael, having recently shed his corporeal body and inadvertently breaking the magical control over him.

Through use of an illusion of an aboleth and a little bluffing Samael was able to trick Greggorin and Savrin and thus break the rules freeing them.

Ithsharub however was immediately made aware of the situation and when the group returned to port Brendlins vessel was missing, leaving the group stranded in the Principalities.

Over the course of days the group tries to find work on a ship that will lead them back to the mainland, but only find the most putrid of tasks available. After much waiting though the group find a curious vessel seeing guards. The HJS Nightingale a House Jorasco medical research ship. The captain and his team of researches were researching a malady professionally known as Aqua Dementia, but commonly referred to as “Ocean Madness” or “The Deep Down Crazies”.

The group having accepted the dangerous, but unique task of keeping the patients of the ship safe, both from eachother and themselves, set off to a northern area of the Bitter Sea.

There were few incidents out at sea that needed to be addressed by the trio, but that all changed on the thirteenth night when a stormwracked ship named the QBS Infinity appeared to be heading for the ship.

The crews attempt to contact the ship via luminal communication received no response. The halfling ship, now on a collision course, tried to steer out of the way, but the Infinity matched speed and course. Even a boost from bottled winds by the halfings and Samaels telekinesis was unable to prevent the ships from colliding.

The Nightingale now taking on water below decks is in a race against time to plug the gaping hole which every second is pouring the ocean into the ship.



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