Eberron in Houston

Capturing Lord Brendlin

The group leaves the lighthouse and heads back to Lord Brendlins estate, along the road they encounter an old fruit tree, some sheep herders, and a few horses. The sheep herders when asked about strange things in the area mention the icewoods with its mythical madstone which causes people to slow go mad the longer they stay in the woods. Rumor has it strange creatures have been seen near the woods. The horses were caught and discovered to belong to the Gilded Runners a group Sammael remembers as a merchant guild of which Lord Brendlin is a member.

When they arrive at the mansion they aren’t let in, the guardhouse was empty. Luckily the gate was unlocked and swung closed once through. Inside the grounds of the mansion the group finds two dead bodies and Savrin notices that they were both heading towards the gate when they were killed by deep claw marks to the back.

The large front door to the mansion has been swung wide open and the metallic smell of blood wafts from inside. Inside the place is a wreck, blood, broken furniture and claw marks everywhere. The group finds a body crumpled in a pile near a corner and covered in blood. They give him a potion and discover that he’s Araphy. He tells the group he was attacked back at the lighthouse by a great four legged hound. He escaped and made it back to the mansion, but it followed him here and attacked the mansion. The group study his words and think he’s not telling the whole truth when he says the beast followed him here. Nonetheless they split up and search for upper floors for Lord Brenldin.

Sammael goes to the second floor and find barracks in disarray as if the entirety of the guard force was caught unprepared.

Meanwhile Greggorin and Savrin head to the third floor where they find the master bedroom. Locked and refusing to leave Brendlin and his Guard Camblen. Greggorin tries to comfort them saying that the beast is gone and that Araphy manage to survive. In horror Camblen responds “You fool, the beast IS Araphy”.

Quickly heading downstairs Sammael, Greggorin, and Savrin find Araphy leaning back on chair, his feet propped up. With a devilish grin on his face revealing a pair of rather dangerous looking canines “Find something interesting?”. The group tries to interrogate Araphy, but leaves the group with more questions than answers. (If you ask me the questions again I can write down the responses, but for now I’m only going to write what I can remember. Also next session if you want to ask further questions we can do that too).

Why did you kill all these workers in the house?
“Because they were there”
Why do you want to kill Lord Brendlin?
“Because he tried to control me”
Why did you wait till now?
“I was gaining more power”
Have you talked to an aboleth lately?
“I have no interest in talking with a fellow creature from the Age of Demons”
Why did you attack the lighthouse?
“That’s a secret”
How did Lord Brendlin try to control you?
“I don’t think I’m going to tell you that”
Why leave Camblen and Lord Brendlin locked in that room when you could just kill them now?
“Because I enjoy them being locked up there and starving”

Concerned the group asks what he’d do if they tried to take Lord Brendlin and after some questioning of his own discovered the truth behind the odd question about the aboleth. Amused by the prospect of Lord Brendlin being forced under the command of an aboleth agrees to let the group have him, if they kill his guard Camblen who he refers to as a “pompus moralistic bastard”.

Heading back upstairs they attempt to get Camblen and Lord Brendlen out from the room proved difficult. Camblen says that Araphy is evil and can’t be trusted, Lord Brenlen promises the group any amount they wish if they kill him. The group, still under the influence of Ithsharub, changes the deal so that if they kill Araphy Lord Brendlen will come with them back to Vlondvir’s Lighthouse. Angry and telling them that the lighthouse isn’t important right now, but upon the groups insistence he agrees. Camblen however refuses to leave the room or Brendlens side “By Sovereigns Host, I won’t let anyone hurt Lord Brendlin”.

With that they head downstairs to take on Araphy who is still playing in his chair, leaning back gnawing on a stick. Sammael tries to open up with a surprise psychic attack, but even at its high power level Araphy seems to shrug it off, his will beating Sammael’s. Savrin approaches, but stops before reaching him. Greggorin merely watches on. Araphy gives a huff and asks the group what in the hell they think they are going to accomplish, that he will rip them apart. Sammael tries another blast of mental energy, but once again it fails to affect Araphy, who then gets up and with a single blow knocks Savrin all the way back to where Greggorin stands. A quick study by Greggorin of the expression on Araphy’s face tell him all he needs to know about this fight. That Araphy is holding back an incredible rage behind that wicked grin of his and his attack on Savrin isn’t the extent of his abilities.

Going back upstairs they break down the door and remove the debris blocking the doorway. Telling Lord Brendlen that, the thing calling itself Araphy will let him go if Camblen dies. The sounds of a struggle are heard, but when all the debris is removed they find Lord Brendlin knocked out. “He was scared. A cowardly man, but I still won’t let you or anyone have him”. With that a fight ensues and with a touch Camblen’s sword crackles with electricity. A strong hit from the blade nearly incapacitates Savrin, but the quickly turns towards the trio’s favor as Savrin and Greggorins excellent swordplay land several devastating critical blows which ends the fight as fast as it had begun. Sammael stabilizes the dying Camblen and Savring and Greggorin take his body downstairs not knowing if him still being alive will be acceptable to whatever that thing is downstairs. Sammael waits upstairs with the unconscious Lord Brendlen as the session closes out.



This is how the last battle took place

Capturing Lord Brendlin

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