Eberron in Houston

Desert Crossing pt 1

The group gathers the needed supplies discovering that its quite expensive to survive in the desert.

Greggorin got taken in by a salesmen selling him a dubious “map of all the oases”

They hire cleric Todd a priest of the Sovereign Host here on a spiritual journey.

The first few days of their adventure were met with mild temperatures until they saw smoke rising in the distance. Jackal headed creatures called “Marruspawn” were in the process of stealing dinosaur eggs, using fire to keep them at bay.

Samael recalls that those creatures are called Marruspawn after the people who created them, the Marru. The Marru died off long ago, but their creatures live on in the deserts that were once under their progenitors control. Their purpose now that their creators are gone is unknown. All thats known about the Marruspawn is they are dangerous, crafty, and peaceful contact with them has never been established.

The group lets fate decide if they will interfere and fate decided to let let the Marruspawn continue on.

A few more days pass and the temperature rises to triple digits and the group is hit by a sandstorm. Digging in using their sand tubes they try to wait out the storm until hard and desperate yanks on the ropes on the camels cause Samael to investigate. Dessicated undead and a flayed devil wielding scimitars are wailing on the camels.

A battle ensues and out in the raging sandstorm. Samael is at first unable to enter the fight as the storms buffet and blow him around leaving Greggorin to fight the creatures alone. A better swordsman by far Greggorn is being slowly chipped away by supernatural sand surrounding the devil. Samael is able to return and wreck havoc on the husks after he temporarily is able to halt the sandstorm with sheer willpower. Several elemental walls and critical hits later the group ends the combat victoriously. The camels were saved, but some of the water was lost.

The group ends the session doing an inventory of their remaining water supply



Desert Crossing pt 1

Frylock: The Highlander was just a movie, I mean..

Master Shake: Oh, Frylock. The Highlander was a documentary and the events happened in real time.

Meatwad: So this cliff is magic?

Master Shake: Oh, yeah. Big time.

Happy-Time Harry: No, man look. You gotta be born a Highlander. You can’t just become one.

Frylock: See, he saw the movie too.

Master Shake: I know I saw cliffs. Okay? And there was lots of magic everywhere. And Mel Gibson.

Happy-Time Harry: Uhh.. Braveheart? Hello?

Master Shake: Oh, you think you’re the expert? Let’s see how much your ass knows about flying!

Desert Crossing pt 1

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