Eberron in Houston

Desert Crossing pt 2

Moths to Flame

The night while still resting from their encounter with the desert devil they find still more threats. Droplet like creatures approach the campsite out of thin air, attracted to the large expenditure of psychic power. Samael blasts them, but these droplets are only more attracted to the blasts, turning his own blasts against him and draining his mental energy. The group struggles throughout the night with these creatures and once all the remaining magical and psionic energy is dissipated they vanish, as quickly as they appeared.

Continuing forwards the group faces some dramatic heat spikes and the search for water becomes a constant struggle for survival

The group encounters a patch of cacti that aren’t too eager to give up their supply and instead attack the group, the largest of which hitting like a runaway rail car. Greggorin nearly dies in the encounter, but some incredible (some might say even retroactive-like) speed on the part of Samael manages to save him, sending him forward in time long enough to take down the giant plant. However doing so at a high cost. Todd is dead.

With even less water then before the group contemplates leaving, returning back with better supplies, but something in the back of their minds (286lbs of something) told them that this desert might be even less hospitable if they gave it this victory.

Fortune seemed to be favoring them a day later when, after once again getting lost and finding themselves again, they spot an oasis, jewel of the desert for those in need of respite. The group encounters some anthropologists already at the oasis, examining Asherati sand sculptures and the two groups join to share food, water, and stories. The two are invited into their caravan, much larger on the inside than out by the leader of the group Tuatha de Dannan a blond female with a vast array of desert knowledge. The brief moment of peace was not meant to be and soon a terrible reality befalls them. When dawn breaks the illusions over the fey fades and fey of bronze skin replace their human guises. Evil fey, the Mirage Mullahs, have played a terrible trick on the two. Luring them in with hospitality Greggorin was turned into a fey himself, forced to ever stay near the shifting oasis and lure others to the same fate as have befallen him. Samaels exotic nature however prevents his change in forms and Tuatha demands he leave or face her wrath. Samael refuses to leave recalling that fey are almost always willing to trade and attempts to negotiate. Tuatha hears his request and ponders for a moment what she would be willing to take in trade for Greggorins servitude. “I will turn him back for only one thing. A story, one so horrifying as to make my spine shiver. There is a catch however, it must use you as the main character”.



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