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Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake

This plot smells fishy

The group drinks the potions and put on the helm to confirm that the potions confer the ability to breath water. The helm meanwhile provides the wearer a continuous supply of oxygen, with special lenses drawn that can cut through a majority of debris in the water, and finally allows for the free movement of weapons that would normally be rendered near useless under the water.

Inside the caves following the crude map found in the lighthouse they find a shrine to some kuo-toan religious figure, and continue forward to find the kuo-toan lair. With spears and a sticky coating that catches weapons the kuo-toans don’t do poorly against the duo, but their magic and swordplay was superior and the duo ultimately prevail.

They then discover that the map contains either flaws or some other misinformation. The “treasure for sure” area was the kuo-toan females nest, their young, and their eggs. The area marked “Escape Route” contained a trash heap inside which a powerful shambling mound nearly strangles the duo to death.

Continuing towards the path that leads them to the Sirens Prize they see a cave offshot inside of which contained a lantern giving off green light. A cord attached to it ran the length of the cave and around a corner to a lake upon which stood a cloaked figure. “Don’t come any closer” halts the duo and they stand there curious as to who the cloaked man is. As they try to ask the cloaked figure questions he halts them “Silence, Listen”. A few seconds go by and the duo strain to listen, Samael trying much more than Greggorin. A few more rounds and Samael gets frustrated not hearing anything and tries to target the cloaked figure with a dispel magic psionic power. As this happens the cloaked figure screams and descending from the ceiling a giant black widow spider and attacks him using its powerful legs to stab at the figure. Samael continues to watch the battle happen and finishes his spell and strips over several magical spells off the cloaked figure. However the battle doesn’t last and Samael falls prey to an unknown spellcaster and then the farce is revealed. The spider disappears, and out from the depths of the muck the figure was standing on comes an Aboleth, a huge slimy fishlike creature, whose intellect and mental powers are vast like an ocean. Orchestrating the fake spider attack and mentally attacking the minds of the duo he subdues them and put them under his sway and power.

The cloaked figure reveals himself to be Vlondvir and the aboleth tells them they can refer to him as Iltharshub (Ilth in filth – R – Sh- ah – b). A week goes by and the duo in great detail reveal who they are and their secrets to the Iltharshub who listens and delves deep into their past. After the week Iltharshub sets them upon their first task. Lord Brendlin and this lighthouse business needs to be taken care of. The duo are tasked with capturing lord Brendlin and bringing him into the fold. Iltharshub has Simmul a former tailor to Lord Brendlin tell the duo his story and tasks Simmul to providing any help the duo requires.

Simmul tells them the story of how Lord Brendlin coveted Simmuls wife Rosla and plotted to kill Simmul. He escaped and traveled to Vlondvirs lighthouse house knowing how they had a falling out and hoping the wizard could help him. He found the lighthouse empty and ran to the ocean and found the caves where he heard strange voices. He ran deeper into the cave and was brought into the fold.

Before the duo sets out to perform their task Iltharshub gives them a bit of aid. He has Vlondvir identify the helm which is a helm of greater underwater action, the bone sword which is a +2 corrosive longsword, and gives Samael a a dorje of empathic transfer for use in the task.

An aside to this. Simmul has approached the duo and asked that when they capture Lord Brendlin if they could also grab Rosla and bring her into the fold he’d be grateful. This is optional as Iltharshub has not stated they must do this.

Learning that Samael is a powerful psion Vlondvir has asked for his assistance in his Equation Exotica. Vlondvir is currently working hard every day on some item Iltharshub has him tasked to make, but when he’s got “free” time he’s been permitted to continue with his experimentations. Again, this is optional as Itharshub hasn’t commanded Samael do this.

Laws and Commands.

Iltharshub has laws regarding how the duo acts and are as follows.

Law 1. Don’t harm an aboleth, or by inaction, allow an aboleth to come to harm.
Law 2. Obey aboleth commands, unless it conflicts with the first law.
Law 3. Don’t allow yourselves to come to harm, unless it conflicts with the first 2 laws.

Current Commands.

Command 1. Capture Lord Brendlin and bring him into the fold (ie bring him under Iltharshubs influence)
Command 2. Never resist any power/spell an aboleth casts on you
Command 3. Never use any power/spell/item that will grant you a bonus to will saves or prevent my mental control over you.
Command 4. Never ask anyone to break my control over you.


“Hey bossmind, since Vlondvir is working for the good of the cause, can we have him craft us useful items at cost?”

Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake

His crafting talents are being used for a much larger purpose, assuming he’s capable. If he’s not, he won’t be around much longer.

Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake


Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake


Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake

hahahaha love that scene

Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake

lol. Conversation taken place via hyperlinks

Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake

So the merchant man…..attempt to bluff him into following us?

Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake

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