Eberron in Houston

Regal Port and Ithsharabs arcane component

Malzars warning and dying vision

On the boat to Regal Port the group hears crashing from below decks. Investigations reveal a strange silver machine creature knocking things over and examining metal rivets in the ship. When approached the machine began to emit beams of light

Brendlin and his crew found green cubes floating above their heads along with their strengths and weaknesses

Our trio found yellow cubes and similar text listing out their strengths and weaknesses

In addition another beam was sent out and caused all metal and gemstones in the room to glow.

They capture the creature, but deem it too dangerous to keep and end up destroying it.

Upon arriving in Regal Port, Brendlin works with his crew to get more supplies for the trip back, Vlondvir goes to search for his rare mollusk and the trio head to Malzahar’s after befriending an innkeeper.

A small palace made of sandstone houses. Inside the floors a black marble with white specks that make you think you’re looking at the night sky. Inside Malzahar sit behind veils with his pets in a state of meditation.

He greets the trio having expected their arrival. He greets Savrin by name. The group explains their request for the letter and Malzahar eventually figures out that they’ve been dominated. He informs the group that the component Ithsharub has requested will make his dominate powers permanent and nothing short of a wish spell would be able to break it after that.

He agrees to help, if for Savrins sake if nothing else, noting that they may be able to break free if they manage to create a paradox in the rules he’s setup. Malzahar can help come up with a plan, but the group must first kill Prince “Red Legs” Geaves’ first mate Brick n’ Mortar. Malzahar’s premonition states that Brick n’ Mortar has been ordered to kill him and will succeed in doing so unless the group stops them.

Through some scouting using the psi crystal the group sneaks into the Red Legs compound and proceed to try and find Brick. They do and its easy to see how Brick ended up as a first mate. The battle was long and the damage was extreme. Greggorin’s bones were shattered, crushed under Brick’s weight, his weapons too destroyed in the battle. But quick thinking and strategy, exploiting Bricks weakness allowed the group the succeed. The remainder of the crew on the compound retreating, but sure to return with more forces so the group quickly leaves.

The session ends back in Malzahars palace



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