Eberron in Houston

Shadows of the Last War pt2

Rose Quarry

The group opts to sneak into Rose Quarry rather than talk to the camp already there. At the quarry they find not ice, but glass covering the area and the forms of dwarves twisted in anguish forever frozen inside it. Not all have remained buried in it however and the group fought off several groups of dwarven glass zombies.

Inside the camp they find two mostly intacts buildings. One, a church to the Sovereign Host, and the other a House Cannith marble processing building. Inside the House Cannith building they find members from the camp clearing away rubble from a room whose floor is a giant map of the five nations. The group has little trouble with them and note that they are members of the Order of the Emerald Claw, but don’t actually know what that organization is.

Once cleared out Greggorin quickly figures out a puzzle inside the Cannith building and by using the map on the ground believes he’s determined the location of Whitehearth somewhere in Cyre’s southern hills.

In the church they find almost everything removed except for a single chalice. In the back of the church dwarven glass zombies dig up graves. While destroying the zombies a tall emaciated man with red eyes, fangs, and deathly white skins emerges from the shadow of a glass tree. Turning into vapor the gaseous form drifts slowly towards the players who opt for a hasty retreat again the unknown foe.

An extra helping of payment to Failin along with a lot of diplomacy convince him to take the group the edge of the Dead-Grey Mists that border the Mournland.


Yes, so I tried to trip Gregorrin, but a lot of people trip all the time.

Shadows of the Last War pt2

“I am going to chalk that one up to panic and fear, but that was your one shot. I am not quite sure how you do the things you do….you don’t seem to use the magic I have seen used. What I do know is that if a threat is 5’ from you, you are almost as useless as a mage. If you think you can go it alone, best of luck. If not and you wanna continue to work together like we have been effectively doing for awhile, then I will trust you (one more time) not to do that again.”

Shadows of the Last War pt2

It was a joke, Greg, old chum! I didn’t even trip you, just a little humor to lighten the mood from a vampire chasing us. At least I think that was a vampire. Magic isn’t learned, it’s either in you or not, don’t listen to those studious fools called mages. Posers, all of them.

Just remember all the adventures we had in recon while we worked in the merc company! Yeah, I played some jokes, but they were funny in the end and nobody even died! And I was always there when it counted. Just keep windmilling with that oversized butter knife and I got your back.

Shadows of the Last War pt2

Keep making me laugh…its your saving grace

Shadows of the Last War pt2

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