Eberron in Houston

Shadows of the Last War pt3

The Mournland and Whitehearth

Greggorin has a fitful episode with pain in his shoulder and had to be woken up by Failin and Samael.

The duo convinces Failin to stay for four days as the they venture into the dead-grey mists. It takes hours to navigate through them, but they finally bust through and enter the mournland. The quiet desolate region puts the group continually on edge as they move towards the southern hills.

Finding a broken down siege engine they investigate to find dead brelish soldiers whose bodies seem recently killed although the it was four years ago when they last set foot on what was then Cyre. Getting too close they encounter skeletal wolves which attack them on sight.

Past the siege engine they stumble upon a massive battle waged long ago between brelish infantry and cyran archers. In addition they found out of place Valenar elves and Talenta halflings. Investigating these they are beset by a carcass crab, elves and halfing spiked into its large shell. They defeat the crab and discover a still alive human stuck to the crab. Savrin is awakened, but head trauma has left him unable to completely tell his story. Only that he traveled alone and was heading for the Mror holds when he was attacked by the crab.

During their time in the Mournland they’ve noticed a zombie vulture keeping its distance, but continually following the party, its true intentions unknown.

At the southern hills they find a mine with a mark of House Cannith on it. Before they can enter they are attacked by the vulture, but take it down quickly.

Inside the mine they find an entrance that utilizes a blue sapphire rod that acts as a key to areas of the facility below.

Some sort of laundry room, a room charred by some sort of sentient flame and finally a sentient wolf named Rorsa and her pack are all they’ve found so far. Talking to Rorsa they learn that whatever event happened a while ago is what killed the masters of this place and made her grow in size and able to speak. They negotiate for a key she possess in exchange for defeating a “stone wolf” that prevents her from recovering the rest of her pack. The group seems undecided as to the true motives of Rorsa and the session ends with a tentative agreement.



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