Eberron in Houston

Shipwreck and Sarkt

The trio break up and move about the ship, a general order was issued to prevent the ship from sinking while the the trio was ordered to secure the patients.

The group, heavily deviating from the captains plan, some investigating the ship, while others attempt to repair the ship. Only one patient ended up being saved.

Savrin investigating the ship discovers that its outward appearance was a deception, an elaborate illusion hiding a menacing ship and a deformed crew.

A battle ensues between these creatures and the trio, but the battle takes pause when Sarkt, a mind flayer walks to the edge of the ship and asks for a conversation with the captain, conjuring up metal bands to hold back the water in the meantime..

Despite questions from the trio, Sarkt refuses to speak to anyone, but the halfling captain.

Sarkt seeks to gather his property and gestures to the patients. The captain having no choice but to agree to his terms for the sake of his crew.

The trio, becoming belligerent attempt to escape below decks and hop forward in time. When time catches back up with them Sarkt’s ship is gone, the Nightingale is once again sinking, a large tentacled monster is reeking havoc top deck and a terror the trio are all too familiar with is moving through the ship. “Savrin…where are you…”



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