Eberron in Houston

The man with the screaming brain

The group along with Malzahar an continue their discussions about how to break them free. Malzahar is convinced that the secret lies in creating a paradox in the three rules and offers a few suggestions including finding another aboleth or finding some way that by preventing the group from using will power the group will be unable to protect Ithsharub. He said he would consult his divination and get back with the group the next day.

Meanwhile Sammael and Vlondvir went and found the immortal mollusk. Heading back to the ship the group to continue their work Vlondvir completes it and together the two of them become unbodied incorporeal brains. The transformation however attracted a powerful entity however who sought to consume them. Vlondvir and Sammael are defeated by the entity, but Savrin and Greggorin arrive just in time to save the day.

Malzahar sends for the group and believes he has a plan, although hesitant to have them use and warns them that its only as a last resort. He agrees to sell them the arcane component Ithsharub requires, but requests a 10,000gp price for it. The group, unwilling to sell their equipment for the cash ends the session trying to figure out some other way to pay for the component.



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