Eberron in Houston

To the Lhazaar Principalities

Going to just summarize this event as these logs are getting really long.

Araphy promises to return for Brendlin in 1 years time

Brendlin resists, but the group takes him to Ilthsharub where he enters the fold. Listening over the course of the week the group learns the following things.

1. He’s broke, all of his cash is invested in his ships
2. Araphy was called via ritual from a book he traded for in the Demon Wastes

The group inquired about Araphy and learned the following

1. His species referred to as Lupe Garou are in fact from the Age of Demons and are only tangentially related to werewolves.
2. His power works by tricking people into using his truename which grants him more power the more its invoked. It also places an obligation upon his species to kill anyone that uses it.
3. His size is based on his power, starting off as a tiny creature and growing larger as he accumulates power.

With Sammaels help Vlonvir makes great progress on his Equation Exotica, but still needs the rare immortal mollusk if he hopes to complete it.

Ilthsharub having learned of Brendlins connection to the Lhazaar pirate princes has sent him, along with the trio to head to Regalport to contact a minor prince named Malzahar whom he believes has an arcane component necessary to complete construction of the item Vlondvir is making for him(just to reiterate, its not the Equation Exotica, that’s a pet project Vlondvir is doing on his own).

New Commands.

1. Bringing Brendlin into the fold is now revoked as its completed.
2. Find Malzahar in Regalport and have him read Ilthsharubs letter.
3. Purchase the arcane component from Malzahar

In Karrlakton to retrieve Brendlins crew and ship, the group is ambushed by Vandar Highhill. The group defeats his forces, but note Vandar employed more power this time in capturing Savrin. During a brief discussion prior to the fight they learn the following.

1. Vandar works for an organization called The Enclave
2. Something inside Savrins mind will have major negative repercussions on the Five Nations
3. The process to remove the information will kill him.

The session ends with Sammael killing one of the sellswords on the streets of Karrlakton.


The giant fish made me do it

To the Lhazaar Principalities

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