Eberron in Houston

To the Talenta Planes

The group contemplated how to get to Talenta and had originally opted to go via train, but after some forethought considering what was revealed in the Korranberg Chronicle about Greggorin they instead chanced joining the Chronicle. In exchange for Greggorins story, they would get paid for passage.

They contacted L.B. Briskes in Sharn and he reluctantly agreed. Worrying partly about the repercussions the Chronicle might incur by House Orien. He procures for them falsified transport papers and with the condition that they investigate deeper into why Darguuns second in command is spending so much time Gatherhold. “I don’t believe its solely because of the warforged raids”.

The group arrives in Gatherhold and is able to get a meeting with princess Lissandra, leader of the Sand Dervish tribe. Winning her good graces with a few pieces of interesting information regarding House Cannith schema and the Lord of Blades desire to collect them the princess says she’ll allow Greggorin to be trained if he can travel across the Blade Desert to the End World mountains and recover Zhona’s Hourglass. She provides a rough map to the location of the ancient temple to help them on their journey.



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