Eberron in Houston

You think you know a guy

Its a small world afterall

Greggorin and Savrin setup a staged accident on a skybridge to see if they can evoke a response from two members of House Deneith whose attitudes towards Greggorin seem to have changed. Sure enough they did evoke a response and the two came to Savrin’s defense when Greggorin bumps him referring to him as “their kind” and a “degenerate”.

Savrin later on tries to meet up with one of the guards to figure out what he meant by that statement, but a slip of the tongue reveals that Savrin and Greggorin are in fact companions. Under the stress of being caught in a lie he runs off leaving an overturned table in his wake.

Samael investigate a message he received from Prince Oragev ir Wynarn of New Cyre and learns about his attempt to rebuild Cyre.

Greggorin does research at Morgrave University about House Deneith.

The group travels to New Cyre via House Orien Lightning rail where Greggorin meets a distant cousin, Ryan ir’ Orien, acting as ticket checker, he says he doesn’t know of any issues with the family back in Passage, but did mention Orien possibly attempting to send a test train through the old Mournland route to see if it still runs. He also wasn’t aware that Greggorin had left the House, but suggests he work out whatever issues he has and rejoin the family. They arrive in New Cyre, the last remnants of Cyran culture and Samael speaks the prince himself. After a long conversation about loyalty and trust gives Samael a mission for the furtherment of New Cyre’s interests and the group Heads back to Sharn.


“Pack your stuff, we gotta go! I’ve made some poor choices!”

You think you know a guy

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