Eberron in Houston

Zileans Labratory

Maximum Occupancy: ???

Entering into the “temple” the duo are relieved to be out of the scorching heat from outside.

Inside they explore the area and discover a placard on the wall that sheds some illumination about the purpose of this place and of Zilean himself. The placard reads as follow:

" Zilean, I know that our memory is fading, the chronophage erodes it, eating away at us in such a cruel manner, but there is still hope for our work. Only the memory of our lives is affected, our acute intellect remains. I’ve removed all verbal passwords and replaced them with challenges of wit and perspicacity so you can still move around this place. Our current experiments however have displaced some creatures within these walls so be careful. You must find a cure, focus on the sand, I’m sure that’s the key.


The group continues past their first puzzle, a logic problem, encountering a clay golem guarding the storage room.

In the “Observation Room” the group finds a portal from which they can see portions of the past, present, and future, although exact dates aren’t given.

The present showed what was just outside the entrance, the sand golem standing in its silent vigil and the sphinx, clearly working on his next riddle.

The button to the past showed an ancient city of the group could only determine to be the Asherati, a group of people who lived in Talenta prior to the halfling, but which disappeared mysteriously.

The button for the future showed a battle taking place in the ruins of Fairhaven, the capital city of Aundair. On one side an army of Warforged, the other a humanoid army that the duo couldn’t precisely identify, but could rule out Aundairians.

With the planar key in hand the group uses it on the only locked door and the machinery beneath their feet winds up. A voice indicates PLANAR travel initiated. Once stopped, another look in the Observation room reveals a demonic looking planescape full of craggy spires, rivers of lava, and clouds of smoke and ash.

Past the locked door the group encounter a trio of Knights claiming to be from some place called Ansalon. Reyna, Onvo, and Ancan became trapped inside this place when a mysterious sphere appeared one day in a marketplace, neatly cutting off buildings where they intersected with the sphere. Once inside the door back outside vanished and they’ve been trapped ever since.

They spoke of “cannibalistic children” that reside beyond the western door. That they were a worthy foe for any knight, but their numbers were too great for them to take on and barely escaped with their lives.

After a promise by the duo to attempt to get the Solamnic Knights home, they agree to assist the duo clear out this place.

But before attacking these “children” the group decides to explore the northern door whose riddle had prevent the knights entry.

Inside they find a wall of water and Sahaugin waiting inside. The duo go into the dark water and do battle. During this battle Samael discovered something, he was unable to dimension door, not sure of its importance he stores it in the back of his mind for safe keeping. The group successfully defeats the sea devils and ends the session.



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