Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn

last remaining leader of the Cyran people


Prince Oargev the leader of New Cyre and last remaining leader of the Cyran people. Currently trying to gather the refugees and recover the names of the fallen still in Cyre while investigating the cause to the Day of Mourning


“Weep, oh nations of Khorvaire, for the Jewel of Galifar is no more. You have finally completed what you started when you rejected the true and proper right of Mishann to ascend the throne of Galifar. With your jealousy and petty ambitions, you have brought this disaster on us all!

Weep, my brothers and sisters, for our homes and our families have been eliminated in a foul and cowardly way. Do not let Cyre be forgotten! Do not let the Day of Mourning end! Not until we have discovered the villain. Not until we have made the villain face justice for this heinous crime. Not until Cyre’s children are once more safe and content within their homeland.

Weep this day, my fellow Cyrans, and never forget. But tomorrow…tomorrow we begin to hunt down this villain, to demand justice, and to rebuild beloved, cherished Cyre. Tomorrow! Tomorrow we shall go home!"

—Prince Oargev, Address to the Cyran Refugees at the Brelish Camp (which would become New Cyre), 994 YK

Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn

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