Eberron in Houston

Regal Port and Ithsharabs arcane component
Malzars warning and dying vision

On the boat to Regal Port the group hears crashing from below decks. Investigations reveal a strange silver machine creature knocking things over and examining metal rivets in the ship. When approached the machine began to emit beams of light

Brendlin and his crew found green cubes floating above their heads along with their strengths and weaknesses

Our trio found yellow cubes and similar text listing out their strengths and weaknesses

In addition another beam was sent out and caused all metal and gemstones in the room to glow.

They capture the creature, but deem it too dangerous to keep and end up destroying it.

Upon arriving in Regal Port, Brendlin works with his crew to get more supplies for the trip back, Vlondvir goes to search for his rare mollusk and the trio head to Malzahar’s after befriending an innkeeper.

A small palace made of sandstone houses. Inside the floors a black marble with white specks that make you think you’re looking at the night sky. Inside Malzahar sit behind veils with his pets in a state of meditation.

He greets the trio having expected their arrival. He greets Savrin by name. The group explains their request for the letter and Malzahar eventually figures out that they’ve been dominated. He informs the group that the component Ithsharub has requested will make his dominate powers permanent and nothing short of a wish spell would be able to break it after that.

He agrees to help, if for Savrins sake if nothing else, noting that they may be able to break free if they manage to create a paradox in the rules he’s setup. Malzahar can help come up with a plan, but the group must first kill Prince “Red Legs” Geaves’ first mate Brick n’ Mortar. Malzahar’s premonition states that Brick n’ Mortar has been ordered to kill him and will succeed in doing so unless the group stops them.

Through some scouting using the psi crystal the group sneaks into the Red Legs compound and proceed to try and find Brick. They do and its easy to see how Brick ended up as a first mate. The battle was long and the damage was extreme. Greggorin’s bones were shattered, crushed under Brick’s weight, his weapons too destroyed in the battle. But quick thinking and strategy, exploiting Bricks weakness allowed the group the succeed. The remainder of the crew on the compound retreating, but sure to return with more forces so the group quickly leaves.

The session ends back in Malzahars palace

To the Lhazaar Principalities

Going to just summarize this event as these logs are getting really long.

Araphy promises to return for Brendlin in 1 years time

Brendlin resists, but the group takes him to Ilthsharub where he enters the fold. Listening over the course of the week the group learns the following things.

1. He’s broke, all of his cash is invested in his ships
2. Araphy was called via ritual from a book he traded for in the Demon Wastes

The group inquired about Araphy and learned the following

1. His species referred to as Lupe Garou are in fact from the Age of Demons and are only tangentially related to werewolves.
2. His power works by tricking people into using his truename which grants him more power the more its invoked. It also places an obligation upon his species to kill anyone that uses it.
3. His size is based on his power, starting off as a tiny creature and growing larger as he accumulates power.

With Sammaels help Vlonvir makes great progress on his Equation Exotica, but still needs the rare immortal mollusk if he hopes to complete it.

Ilthsharub having learned of Brendlins connection to the Lhazaar pirate princes has sent him, along with the trio to head to Regalport to contact a minor prince named Malzahar whom he believes has an arcane component necessary to complete construction of the item Vlondvir is making for him(just to reiterate, its not the Equation Exotica, that’s a pet project Vlondvir is doing on his own).

New Commands.

1. Bringing Brendlin into the fold is now revoked as its completed.
2. Find Malzahar in Regalport and have him read Ilthsharubs letter.
3. Purchase the arcane component from Malzahar

In Karrlakton to retrieve Brendlins crew and ship, the group is ambushed by Vandar Highhill. The group defeats his forces, but note Vandar employed more power this time in capturing Savrin. During a brief discussion prior to the fight they learn the following.

1. Vandar works for an organization called The Enclave
2. Something inside Savrins mind will have major negative repercussions on the Five Nations
3. The process to remove the information will kill him.

The session ends with Sammael killing one of the sellswords on the streets of Karrlakton.

Capturing Lord Brendlin

The group leaves the lighthouse and heads back to Lord Brendlins estate, along the road they encounter an old fruit tree, some sheep herders, and a few horses. The sheep herders when asked about strange things in the area mention the icewoods with its mythical madstone which causes people to slow go mad the longer they stay in the woods. Rumor has it strange creatures have been seen near the woods. The horses were caught and discovered to belong to the Gilded Runners a group Sammael remembers as a merchant guild of which Lord Brendlin is a member.

When they arrive at the mansion they aren’t let in, the guardhouse was empty. Luckily the gate was unlocked and swung closed once through. Inside the grounds of the mansion the group finds two dead bodies and Savrin notices that they were both heading towards the gate when they were killed by deep claw marks to the back.

The large front door to the mansion has been swung wide open and the metallic smell of blood wafts from inside. Inside the place is a wreck, blood, broken furniture and claw marks everywhere. The group finds a body crumpled in a pile near a corner and covered in blood. They give him a potion and discover that he’s Araphy. He tells the group he was attacked back at the lighthouse by a great four legged hound. He escaped and made it back to the mansion, but it followed him here and attacked the mansion. The group study his words and think he’s not telling the whole truth when he says the beast followed him here. Nonetheless they split up and search for upper floors for Lord Brenldin.

Sammael goes to the second floor and find barracks in disarray as if the entirety of the guard force was caught unprepared.

Meanwhile Greggorin and Savrin head to the third floor where they find the master bedroom. Locked and refusing to leave Brendlin and his Guard Camblen. Greggorin tries to comfort them saying that the beast is gone and that Araphy manage to survive. In horror Camblen responds “You fool, the beast IS Araphy”.

Quickly heading downstairs Sammael, Greggorin, and Savrin find Araphy leaning back on chair, his feet propped up. With a devilish grin on his face revealing a pair of rather dangerous looking canines “Find something interesting?”. The group tries to interrogate Araphy, but leaves the group with more questions than answers. (If you ask me the questions again I can write down the responses, but for now I’m only going to write what I can remember. Also next session if you want to ask further questions we can do that too).

Why did you kill all these workers in the house?
“Because they were there”
Why do you want to kill Lord Brendlin?
“Because he tried to control me”
Why did you wait till now?
“I was gaining more power”
Have you talked to an aboleth lately?
“I have no interest in talking with a fellow creature from the Age of Demons”
Why did you attack the lighthouse?
“That’s a secret”
How did Lord Brendlin try to control you?
“I don’t think I’m going to tell you that”
Why leave Camblen and Lord Brendlin locked in that room when you could just kill them now?
“Because I enjoy them being locked up there and starving”

Concerned the group asks what he’d do if they tried to take Lord Brendlin and after some questioning of his own discovered the truth behind the odd question about the aboleth. Amused by the prospect of Lord Brendlin being forced under the command of an aboleth agrees to let the group have him, if they kill his guard Camblen who he refers to as a “pompus moralistic bastard”.

Heading back upstairs they attempt to get Camblen and Lord Brendlen out from the room proved difficult. Camblen says that Araphy is evil and can’t be trusted, Lord Brenlen promises the group any amount they wish if they kill him. The group, still under the influence of Ithsharub, changes the deal so that if they kill Araphy Lord Brendlen will come with them back to Vlondvir’s Lighthouse. Angry and telling them that the lighthouse isn’t important right now, but upon the groups insistence he agrees. Camblen however refuses to leave the room or Brendlens side “By Sovereigns Host, I won’t let anyone hurt Lord Brendlin”.

With that they head downstairs to take on Araphy who is still playing in his chair, leaning back gnawing on a stick. Sammael tries to open up with a surprise psychic attack, but even at its high power level Araphy seems to shrug it off, his will beating Sammael’s. Savrin approaches, but stops before reaching him. Greggorin merely watches on. Araphy gives a huff and asks the group what in the hell they think they are going to accomplish, that he will rip them apart. Sammael tries another blast of mental energy, but once again it fails to affect Araphy, who then gets up and with a single blow knocks Savrin all the way back to where Greggorin stands. A quick study by Greggorin of the expression on Araphy’s face tell him all he needs to know about this fight. That Araphy is holding back an incredible rage behind that wicked grin of his and his attack on Savrin isn’t the extent of his abilities.

Going back upstairs they break down the door and remove the debris blocking the doorway. Telling Lord Brendlen that, the thing calling itself Araphy will let him go if Camblen dies. The sounds of a struggle are heard, but when all the debris is removed they find Lord Brendlin knocked out. “He was scared. A cowardly man, but I still won’t let you or anyone have him”. With that a fight ensues and with a touch Camblen’s sword crackles with electricity. A strong hit from the blade nearly incapacitates Savrin, but the quickly turns towards the trio’s favor as Savrin and Greggorins excellent swordplay land several devastating critical blows which ends the fight as fast as it had begun. Sammael stabilizes the dying Camblen and Savring and Greggorin take his body downstairs not knowing if him still being alive will be acceptable to whatever that thing is downstairs. Sammael waits upstairs with the unconscious Lord Brendlen as the session closes out.

Kuo-Toan Caves and the Dark Lake
This plot smells fishy

The group drinks the potions and put on the helm to confirm that the potions confer the ability to breath water. The helm meanwhile provides the wearer a continuous supply of oxygen, with special lenses drawn that can cut through a majority of debris in the water, and finally allows for the free movement of weapons that would normally be rendered near useless under the water.

Inside the caves following the crude map found in the lighthouse they find a shrine to some kuo-toan religious figure, and continue forward to find the kuo-toan lair. With spears and a sticky coating that catches weapons the kuo-toans don’t do poorly against the duo, but their magic and swordplay was superior and the duo ultimately prevail.

They then discover that the map contains either flaws or some other misinformation. The “treasure for sure” area was the kuo-toan females nest, their young, and their eggs. The area marked “Escape Route” contained a trash heap inside which a powerful shambling mound nearly strangles the duo to death.

Continuing towards the path that leads them to the Sirens Prize they see a cave offshot inside of which contained a lantern giving off green light. A cord attached to it ran the length of the cave and around a corner to a lake upon which stood a cloaked figure. “Don’t come any closer” halts the duo and they stand there curious as to who the cloaked man is. As they try to ask the cloaked figure questions he halts them “Silence, Listen”. A few seconds go by and the duo strain to listen, Samael trying much more than Greggorin. A few more rounds and Samael gets frustrated not hearing anything and tries to target the cloaked figure with a dispel magic psionic power. As this happens the cloaked figure screams and descending from the ceiling a giant black widow spider and attacks him using its powerful legs to stab at the figure. Samael continues to watch the battle happen and finishes his spell and strips over several magical spells off the cloaked figure. However the battle doesn’t last and Samael falls prey to an unknown spellcaster and then the farce is revealed. The spider disappears, and out from the depths of the muck the figure was standing on comes an Aboleth, a huge slimy fishlike creature, whose intellect and mental powers are vast like an ocean. Orchestrating the fake spider attack and mentally attacking the minds of the duo he subdues them and put them under his sway and power.

The cloaked figure reveals himself to be Vlondvir and the aboleth tells them they can refer to him as Iltharshub (Ilth in filth – R – Sh- ah – b). A week goes by and the duo in great detail reveal who they are and their secrets to the Iltharshub who listens and delves deep into their past. After the week Iltharshub sets them upon their first task. Lord Brendlin and this lighthouse business needs to be taken care of. The duo are tasked with capturing lord Brendlin and bringing him into the fold. Iltharshub has Simmul a former tailor to Lord Brendlin tell the duo his story and tasks Simmul to providing any help the duo requires.

Simmul tells them the story of how Lord Brendlin coveted Simmuls wife Rosla and plotted to kill Simmul. He escaped and traveled to Vlondvirs lighthouse house knowing how they had a falling out and hoping the wizard could help him. He found the lighthouse empty and ran to the ocean and found the caves where he heard strange voices. He ran deeper into the cave and was brought into the fold.

Before the duo sets out to perform their task Iltharshub gives them a bit of aid. He has Vlondvir identify the helm which is a helm of greater underwater action, the bone sword which is a +2 corrosive longsword, and gives Samael a a dorje of empathic transfer for use in the task.

An aside to this. Simmul has approached the duo and asked that when they capture Lord Brendlin if they could also grab Rosla and bring her into the fold he’d be grateful. This is optional as Iltharshub has not stated they must do this.

Learning that Samael is a powerful psion Vlondvir has asked for his assistance in his Equation Exotica. Vlondvir is currently working hard every day on some item Iltharshub has him tasked to make, but when he’s got “free” time he’s been permitted to continue with his experimentations. Again, this is optional as Itharshub hasn’t commanded Samael do this.

Laws and Commands.

Iltharshub has laws regarding how the duo acts and are as follows.

Law 1. Don’t harm an aboleth, or by inaction, allow an aboleth to come to harm.
Law 2. Obey aboleth commands, unless it conflicts with the first law.
Law 3. Don’t allow yourselves to come to harm, unless it conflicts with the first 2 laws.

Current Commands.

Command 1. Capture Lord Brendlin and bring him into the fold (ie bring him under Iltharshubs influence)
Command 2. Never resist any power/spell an aboleth casts on you
Command 3. Never use any power/spell/item that will grant you a bonus to will saves or prevent my mental control over you.
Command 4. Never ask anyone to break my control over you.

The Merchant and the Lighthouse
How many hours does it take to check a lighthouse?

Heading from the Karrnathi camp near Loom Keep the group is stopped by Araphy, Bratthaw, and Hemlond, the trio of sell swords were searching the area for adventurers willing to undertake a task for Brendlin Orth of the Gilded Runners. The group accepts and are brought to a nearby mansion where they meet with Lord Orth and he explains the situation. A lighthouse keeper has shut off his light and as a result two of Lord Orths trade galleons have crashed upon the rocks. The task would be to go to the lighthouse and convince the keeper to turn it back on as part of the arrangement he agreed to with Lord Orth. Alternatively if he refuses to answer, to break in and light it yourselves. After surveying the group he throws in a possible bonus if they kill the lighthouse keeper and bring the head back, regardless of if he cooperated or not. The group talks it over and decided to accept the task. They spend the night at the mansion and visit the mess hall. When they ask about the lighthouse different people have different stories. That the keeper is a vampire, that the keeper is a wizard and that the area is infested with werewolves.

The next day Araphy takes the party just outside the area of the lighthouse and promises to wait for them until their return. The group surveys the tower and upon a failed attempt to open the front door opt for the window on the second story. Savrin climbs up the tower and upon reaching the window finds a note attached. The quaint rhyme it contained set off an explosion that nearly sent him tumbling, but his grip held firm. After the group enters they begin to survey the rooms. A bedroom, library, storage, and laboratory can all be found. Of interest they find a chest containing a helm and three bottles, a tome called the Manual of Effecient Invocation, a book that Samael believes could be the wizards spellbook, a crude map/drawing, and the lighthouse keepers Journal.

Below is the pages from the journal. As a point of reference the current date 2/19/998yk

My search for that rarest of mollusks has led me to the seashore caves located north east of Karrnath. My search unearthed not the treasure which I sought and still seek, but instead a brood of kuo-toans. Even as I stumbled upon them, I went unnoticed – for each and every one of those hideous creatures was transfixed in their gurgling prayer, chanting to their god and offering sacrifice in the way of looted gold. Some small research on my part and the application of alteration magic could produce most favorable result, though impersonating a god could pose a dangerous situation. Still, a most enticing prospect.

Research into the kuo-toan religion has proven to come not without cost – time mostly – for fifty gold coins to purchase a rare tome describing the avatar of the fish-like god Koa Matuu is but a paltry sum, considering the possible advantages.

My association with the kuo-toans has been quite profitable indeed, so much in fact that I have decided to build my tower over the vertical shaft which leads to the caves below. They call me “Matuuab”, which I understand to mean “the bringer of storms.” At last the time has come for my research to transgress from theory to practice, and I shall become pure energy, the very essence of magic.

The workers are near completion, though they leave early each day, an hour before sundown. Superstition and fear keep them from this area at night, if they only knew what I know.

The ground shook quite horribly today, disrupting a most costly experiment and setting back my endeavors some six weeks or longer. My greatest regret is that Munvaln is not due with provisions for yet another week. Perhaps this will give me time to theorize on the Equation Exotica.

A courier arrived today, delivering a message requesting that I meet the merchant Brendlin concerning matters of soliciting my services. As the experimentations have been costly, they must be put on hold for lack of immediate funds (though Mattuab shall soon make another appearance). I am interested to hear this business proposal from the Merchant Lord.

Brendlin himself did not come seeking an audience, but sent his lackeys instead, no matter, they have lined my pockets quite handsomely. The recent quake has toppled the nearby island lighthouse, some half-mile’s distance, and Karrnath has not the excess coin in their treasury to rebuild. The merchant wishes to convert this tower as an inexpensive replacement. My services will be rewarded with a monthly fee, and I am hopeful that this extra income will provide the necessary funds to see the experiments through.

The kuo-toans performed another offering to Matuuab today. A much needed, healthy bounty, the equivalent of five hundred gold coins, were taken as well as helm, though I have not had time to test for its properties. Four potions I also extracted from the kuo-toans, all apparently of the same make. When tested, I was imbued with the ability to breath under water. I have deduced by simple logic that an adventuring company equipped to explore the depths has fallen prey to a kuo-toan hunting party. Perhaps these adventurers had heard the tale of the Siren’s Prize and all the wealth that it contained, and came creeping through the coves, only to discover they were ill-prepared to pass those obstacles which obstructed.

Another failed experiment, this one quite costly. Perhaps I should consider selling the helm and potions.

I sent word through courier back to Brendlin – demand for a thirty percent increase in payment, or services will cease. The experiments have proven so costly as of late, the diamond supply running exceptionally low.

The courier has returned with payment of ten percent increase, not to my satisfaction. Payment was accepted of course, but the threat still holds.

Traveling to the cavern below last night, as Koa Matuu, I ordered an attack upon the Siren’s Prize and the riches it is rumored to contain. Such slaughter, thought I, upon seeing their bloody return – the war party numbering, but a fraction of what was sent. They spat tales of razor sharks’ teeth, and no less than four severed limbs amongst them conferred these testaments to be true. Perhaps I acted rashly in ordering the attack…

The group heads up to the lighthouse and prepare it for the evening as a storm blows in and winds and rain constantly threaten to keep the fire from going out. Meanwhile in the distance the group hears the terrible bays and howls of some horrifying creature. Greggorin catches a small glimpse of it when the lighting came flashing down and its great body dwarfed the horses they rode here on. The howling continues and the group readies for an attack, but none came. Instead a great series of crashing sounds came from beneath them and when the storm passed they found the first floor to be destroyed and great claw marks dug inches deep into the walls of the tower. Investigating the cellar they find a hatch, that could easily have been closed from their side, swung open revealing a tunnel submerged under water. The group heads back to Araphy to check in only to find the dismembered body of his horse, but no sign of him anywhere.

Mournland Pacification Campaign

With new found travel money in hand the group decides to try and pick up a little more in Karrnath. The Korranberg Chronicle briefly mentioned a pacification campaign on its borders and because of the groups prior experience decided to check it out.

A brief run-in with an owlbear on their way to Loom Keep is the only bump on their travel via House Orien Caravan.

At Loom Keep they meet Captain Thorin where he explains the situation.

Karrnath has been having trouble along its Mournland border, creatures that used to stay on their side of the grey-mist barrier. People looking to make some gold can set up in a makeshift camp and pacify the creatures that run across the barrier.

Five people per campsite requires the group to add more members to sure up their numbers. Looking around they find a cleric to the Dark Six (later they find out to specifically The Mockery), a wizard, a set of halflings that bear a resemblance the group, and many others.

They manage to pick up the cleric along with Tom, a duel-wielding dagger user. The first night is dark and upon the sounds the flapping is the group beset by Stirges, they attach themselves and the group see’s the horror that they giant mosquitoes can bring. As they fight them off the cleric doesn’t fair well and with each passing moment his face goes paler and his body becomes gaunt. He screams, but his voice is hoarse and his body goes slack and he dies, the Stirges engorged on the dead priests blood. The battle goes in the groups favor and they head back, Savrin taking the dead priests hand as a toy.

The other groups fair somewhat better and worse, the group of doppelganger halflings manage to come out without a scratch.

The groups opt for another night, but are unable to find another priest and instead find just another sword wielder. This night they are attacked by wolf skeletons, once again the group does alright, but the skeletons viciously rip apart Tom and their newest member Rick.

The next day they head back and once again some groups do better and some worse. One group is killed off entirely. The doppelgangers once again fair well and come back with a member lost. Captain Thorin comes to both groups with an offer for a more dangerous mission to go into the Mournland and attempt an investigation. The halfling group and the party accept and each travel head into the mist.

Once out of the mist they find no sign of the halfling group and head towards the nearest landmark, a set of hills. Nearby they find the bodies of Cyran heavy infantry with their heavy armor ripped off, the tips of their arrows taken and all their swords taken.

Nearby the group also finds dozens of dead beetles known as Gem Scarabs, all of which were found heading towards they grey-mist barrier. Called gem scarabs because of the gems on their back they were all found with their gems removed.

Up the hills they find a nest where presumably the scarabs came from, wherein they find many more scarabs all of which found dead. Investigating the area thoroughly they find all the scarabs killed the same way, tiny puncture wounds, their gems also removed. They manage to find a single metal dart of an unusual construction that reminds Samael of House Cannith’s work on the warforged, but can’t place any design to anything they’ve made.

Continuing to investigate the hills they find a pack of death dogs, dangerous two headed beasts with wolf like mentality, dying from lacerations and puncture wounds. Investigating the animals further they find many of them with broken teeth.

Heading back to Loom Keep they still find no signs of the halfling party, but Captain Thorin is statisfied believing that the Lord of Blades must be attacking creatures and forcing them across the mists to weaken Karrnaths borders.

The session ends with payment to the group for their information.

Postmaster Mysterious

House Jorasco looked into Savrin’s illness, but are stumped as to the cause as both magical and mundane means to diagnose him resulted in failure and escalation of the disease. Desperate, but broke the group uses their letter of commendation from House Lyrandar to get onto an airship as guards. After a brief layover in Aundair the group is dropped off Karnnath and use horses to get to Korunda’s Gate.

A few days into the horseback through the mountains the group is stopped by a gnome who demands to take in Savrin and refuses to explain his motivations to the group. Not afraid of the gnome they refuse and a battle ensues where it is revealed that the gnome carries the Mark of Scribing. Spells are lobbed by the gnome but are ineffective at subduing the group. The battle then got more chaotic as a gang of Jhorash’tar orcs who attack both groups. The gnome, weakened from the fight says that Savrin is more dangerous than he realizes and then disappears. The group clean up the orcs who were outmatched and they continue on.

At Korunda’s Gate the group notices the heavy House Kundarak influence. Despite having no memory of this area Savrin leads the way underground and directly to a bar “The Obsidian tavern” where he finds who he is looking for; the only human in the bar wearing a crisp white suit sitting next to a black skinned dwarf. With a rather peculiar phrase uttered by the man Savrin and him go into a back room. After a brief moment they leave, but Savrin unfortunately doesn’t remember what transpired.

The group try to pry answers out of him, but his responses are shrouded in mystery and dodges many of the direct questions asked. The only information the group gleaned was that “Savrin was trained well” “Savrin was late” and that “He hired him using an organization not associated with the Dragonmarked Houses”. When asked why he didn’t use House Sivis to send the information he responded that he didn’t trust the Houses.

With no cash to leave the Mror Holds Savrin, by suggestion of the man in white checks his holdings at the House Kundarak bank to find fifty thousand gold with a hold placed on it requiring it to be fore travel only. A safety deposit box written in Savrin’s writing style simply says “The questions you have can be answered in Regalport”.

With the means of travel now secured the group decides to head to the nearby country of Karnnath and earn some cash in the Mournland pacification campaign.

You think you know a guy
Its a small world afterall

Greggorin and Savrin setup a staged accident on a skybridge to see if they can evoke a response from two members of House Deneith whose attitudes towards Greggorin seem to have changed. Sure enough they did evoke a response and the two came to Savrin’s defense when Greggorin bumps him referring to him as “their kind” and a “degenerate”.

Savrin later on tries to meet up with one of the guards to figure out what he meant by that statement, but a slip of the tongue reveals that Savrin and Greggorin are in fact companions. Under the stress of being caught in a lie he runs off leaving an overturned table in his wake.

Samael investigate a message he received from Prince Oragev ir Wynarn of New Cyre and learns about his attempt to rebuild Cyre.

Greggorin does research at Morgrave University about House Deneith.

The group travels to New Cyre via House Orien Lightning rail where Greggorin meets a distant cousin, Ryan ir’ Orien, acting as ticket checker, he says he doesn’t know of any issues with the family back in Passage, but did mention Orien possibly attempting to send a test train through the old Mournland route to see if it still runs. He also wasn’t aware that Greggorin had left the House, but suggests he work out whatever issues he has and rejoin the family. They arrive in New Cyre, the last remnants of Cyran culture and Samael speaks the prince himself. After a long conversation about loyalty and trust gives Samael a mission for the furtherment of New Cyre’s interests and the group Heads back to Sharn.

Shadows of the Last War pt4
Whithearth and Ambush

The group is led to the kennel area by Rorsa where they find the “stone wolf” which turned out to be a bizarre fusion of obsidian and flesh. Samaels eldritch energies washed over the creature rendering him near useless in the encounter. Greggorin solo defeats the creature and with the wolves released Rorsa honors her deal and gives them the green keycharm.

Searching around more rooms they find a room with the scheme, a metal hydra machine spewing molten glass and two fire elementals. The elementals attack on sight, but are easily defeated. Inside the crystal chest they find not one, but two copies of the schema.

Heading out they are ambushed by the vampire and other members of the group they encountered briefly in Rose Quarry. He presents the group a deal, give him the third schema and he’ll let them go. The numbers were against them and that acquiesce, giving him a copy of it, but as he turns and leaves he orders his troops to attack. Despite the numbers, the group wins and heads back to Failin and Rhukaan Draal.

In Rhukaan Draal they find Lady Elaydren who pays them, but is very concerned when they tell her that its implied that the order has now two of the schema’s. She pays them once more for being her personal bodyguards back to Sharn and then she leaves them to their own devices, thanking them again for all the work they’ve done.

Shadows of the Last War pt3
The Mournland and Whitehearth

Greggorin has a fitful episode with pain in his shoulder and had to be woken up by Failin and Samael.

The duo convinces Failin to stay for four days as the they venture into the dead-grey mists. It takes hours to navigate through them, but they finally bust through and enter the mournland. The quiet desolate region puts the group continually on edge as they move towards the southern hills.

Finding a broken down siege engine they investigate to find dead brelish soldiers whose bodies seem recently killed although the it was four years ago when they last set foot on what was then Cyre. Getting too close they encounter skeletal wolves which attack them on sight.

Past the siege engine they stumble upon a massive battle waged long ago between brelish infantry and cyran archers. In addition they found out of place Valenar elves and Talenta halflings. Investigating these they are beset by a carcass crab, elves and halfing spiked into its large shell. They defeat the crab and discover a still alive human stuck to the crab. Savrin is awakened, but head trauma has left him unable to completely tell his story. Only that he traveled alone and was heading for the Mror holds when he was attacked by the crab.

During their time in the Mournland they’ve noticed a zombie vulture keeping its distance, but continually following the party, its true intentions unknown.

At the southern hills they find a mine with a mark of House Cannith on it. Before they can enter they are attacked by the vulture, but take it down quickly.

Inside the mine they find an entrance that utilizes a blue sapphire rod that acts as a key to areas of the facility below.

Some sort of laundry room, a room charred by some sort of sentient flame and finally a sentient wolf named Rorsa and her pack are all they’ve found so far. Talking to Rorsa they learn that whatever event happened a while ago is what killed the masters of this place and made her grow in size and able to speak. They negotiate for a key she possess in exchange for defeating a “stone wolf” that prevents her from recovering the rest of her pack. The group seems undecided as to the true motives of Rorsa and the session ends with a tentative agreement.


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