Eberron in Houston

Desert Crossing pt 3

Arrival at Zilean's temple

With a story comprised of some truthful events from Samaels past along with some clever threats to Tuatha, she agrees to turn Greggorin back into a human and even gifts them a magical scimitar and replacement waterskins.

Trekking further into the desert the group find a broken carriage and an Ant Lion trap nearby. However it offers no real threat as Samaels incorporeality leaves him immune to its damage.

Later that same night the group is attacked an extraplanar creature called a Soul Eater and its despair filled husks of humans. The group overcomes this newest challenge from beyond the material plane and Samael wonders if its not his for or his powers that are attracted them.

The final leg of their journal brings them into salt flats which seem to leech the water right from them, requiring a tremendous expenditure of water.

With their water now running dry they finally reach the entrance to the temple as indicated by the map. Carved from sandstone and abutting the End World mountains the group finds a Sand Golem, the building ancient guardian and a Sphinx who wishes to challenge them to a test of wits.

A placard on the wall of the entrance proves their first puzzle. The challenge to fill in the blank from the diagram.

The Spinx offers a new challenge. The group wagers whats in their bag that they can solve the Sphinx’s riddle. If they succeed they can choose one of two prizes. The contents of a large chest in the Sphinx’s possession or a answer to the puzzle on the temple wall.

Here is the riddle of the Sphinx
“What is half of dragon, but has not a wyrmling’s strength?
What is half of canine, but not mongrel’s length?
What is it that is of two halves, but has, but half to stand on”

With the correct answer given the Sphinx gives up the treasures inside. He then continues to offer one more wager.

“How about when you come out of there I’ll give you one more riddle. If you get it right I’ll send you back to Gatherhold bypassing the desert trek entirely. However, if you get it wrong you give me everything you found inside.”



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