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Mournland Pacification Campaign

With new found travel money in hand the group decides to try and pick up a little more in Karrnath. The Korranberg Chronicle briefly mentioned a pacification campaign on its borders and because of the groups prior experience decided to check it out.

A brief run-in with an owlbear on their way to Loom Keep is the only bump on their travel via House Orien Caravan.

At Loom Keep they meet Captain Thorin where he explains the situation.

Karrnath has been having trouble along its Mournland border, creatures that used to stay on their side of the grey-mist barrier. People looking to make some gold can set up in a makeshift camp and pacify the creatures that run across the barrier.

Five people per campsite requires the group to add more members to sure up their numbers. Looking around they find a cleric to the Dark Six (later they find out to specifically The Mockery), a wizard, a set of halflings that bear a resemblance the group, and many others.

They manage to pick up the cleric along with Tom, a duel-wielding dagger user. The first night is dark and upon the sounds the flapping is the group beset by Stirges, they attach themselves and the group see’s the horror that they giant mosquitoes can bring. As they fight them off the cleric doesn’t fair well and with each passing moment his face goes paler and his body becomes gaunt. He screams, but his voice is hoarse and his body goes slack and he dies, the Stirges engorged on the dead priests blood. The battle goes in the groups favor and they head back, Savrin taking the dead priests hand as a toy.

The other groups fair somewhat better and worse, the group of doppelganger halflings manage to come out without a scratch.

The groups opt for another night, but are unable to find another priest and instead find just another sword wielder. This night they are attacked by wolf skeletons, once again the group does alright, but the skeletons viciously rip apart Tom and their newest member Rick.

The next day they head back and once again some groups do better and some worse. One group is killed off entirely. The doppelgangers once again fair well and come back with a member lost. Captain Thorin comes to both groups with an offer for a more dangerous mission to go into the Mournland and attempt an investigation. The halfling group and the party accept and each travel head into the mist.

Once out of the mist they find no sign of the halfling group and head towards the nearest landmark, a set of hills. Nearby they find the bodies of Cyran heavy infantry with their heavy armor ripped off, the tips of their arrows taken and all their swords taken.

Nearby the group also finds dozens of dead beetles known as Gem Scarabs, all of which were found heading towards they grey-mist barrier. Called gem scarabs because of the gems on their back they were all found with their gems removed.

Up the hills they find a nest where presumably the scarabs came from, wherein they find many more scarabs all of which found dead. Investigating the area thoroughly they find all the scarabs killed the same way, tiny puncture wounds, their gems also removed. They manage to find a single metal dart of an unusual construction that reminds Samael of House Cannith’s work on the warforged, but can’t place any design to anything they’ve made.

Continuing to investigate the hills they find a pack of death dogs, dangerous two headed beasts with wolf like mentality, dying from lacerations and puncture wounds. Investigating the animals further they find many of them with broken teeth.

Heading back to Loom Keep they still find no signs of the halfling party, but Captain Thorin is statisfied believing that the Lord of Blades must be attacking creatures and forcing them across the mists to weaken Karrnaths borders.

The session ends with payment to the group for their information.


It drinks pretty good, don’t it?

Mournland Pacification Campaign

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