1 x Shellcraft Mannequin (Human)
1 x Bag of Tricks (Tan)
1 x Everburning Torch
1 x Superior Lock (with key)
1 x magnifying glass


Shellcraft Mannequin:

This humanoid creation of metal and wood roughly resembles a tailor’s dummy, with articulated limbs and head. The unusual materials in its construction allow an incorporeal creature to enter the mannequin (a standard action) and move it in a manner similar to how some ghosts can possess bodies, allowing ghost-like entities to carry material objects even when outside the ethereal realm. Leaving the mannequin is a standard action.

You use your own ability scores when inhabiting a mannequin. However, because a mannequin is less efficient than a true body, a ghost operating a mannequin takes penalties similar to those from wearing armor. An inhabited mannequin has a maximum Dex bonus of +2 and an armor check penalty of -5. A ghost proficient in medium armor ignores those penalties. A mannequin can wear armor just as a normal character can; using the smaller maximum dex bonus of the two and adding together the armor check penalties.

If the ghost is subject to attacks that would normally not harm an incorporeal creature, the attack affects the mannequin instead. Attacks that do not harm the ghost because of its incorporeal miss chance do affect the mannequin.

A mannequin has a hardness of 7 and 50 hit points


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